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The episode begins with six voices explaining how Vestroia collapsed, how they sacrificed everything to save Vestroia in the past, and how they must now find new warriors to save Vestroia. Everything is going well for Dan, but just as Dan is about to win the battle, Masquerade pulls out one last ability card and turns the tide. When Dan’s mother confronts Runo about Dan’s sudden departure and how she caught Dan talking to his Bakugan one day, Runo runs away, saying she can’t tell him anything, leaving Dan’s mother very worried. Frosch and Preyas appear on the gate card, Marucho’s triple battle card. Aquos Preyas Diablo instead! Preyas explains that Diablo is Angelo’s alter ego and that Angelo and Diablo are two bakugan. With Frosch’s second bakugan defeated, Frosch steps in to fight the evolved Preyas. Just then, Preyas spits out a bakugan ball that opens to reveal Aquos Preyas Angelo, causing Marucho and Frasch to react differently.

Julie senses something is wrong when Billy’s toy horse suddenly falls. He asked Masquerade where they were going and he said they were all sent to the Apocalypse Dimension. With the help of Gorem, who is on the verge of defeat against Clayf, Julie realizes that she needs to stop comparing herself to Daisy and just be herself. However, before the portal closes, Dan chases after Drago with Shun trying to stop him. Marucho becomes angry at this and realizes that his test must be learning to accept his difficult past. Although Sirenoid plans to sacrifice himself by using the Mind Ghost door card to stop Masquerade’s newly evolved Hydranoid. Finally, these six bakugan decide to test the Brawlers. When Julie wakes up, she finds herself at home with her sister Daisy and Tom, who is actually Clayf. Frosch turns the surrounding area into water and initiates the battle, using an imitation of Marucho as his partner. Later, Masquerade challenges Billy and wins by sending Cycloid to the Apocalypse Dimension.

Unfortunately, Drago is defeated by Hydranoid and sent to the Apocalypse Dimension. Six bakugan, one of each attribute, peer through a viewing sphere and react differently to the Brawlers’ arrival in the Apocalypse Dimension. Techniques like this allow you to Scrape Google Search Results Amazon, Scrape Instagram Google, etc. At the same time, Shun receives a letter of challenge from Masquerade, and he and Skyress come up with a plan to find Dan and Drago. When they look around, they realize there is no one there, and Skyress comments that it looks like a ghost town. Learning how things are changing will make you better equipped to deal with these changes and help you achieve success going forward. In the Apocalypse Dimension, the Brawlers begin searching for Dan, unaware that they are being observed. But all search engines have different ranking scores for each Scrape Ecommerce Website, and often these scores are not the same. However, the provider is only available as a browser extension. However, conservation work carried out in 1956 revealed that it was a chambered mound with a cist grave in the middle. It will help you effectively.

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Real estate agents can take the work off your plate and help you get a better deal, too. The little girl then talks about how lonely she was before Shun came and tells Shun that she has one more game to play with him: bakugan. In the Apocalypse Dimension, Drago is greeted by the Reaper, who says that Drago will never come out now that he is there, and Dan is reunited with Drago. The ancients say they want Dan and the brawlers to become new warriors, and if they do this they will help the ancients escape the Apocalypse Dimension. When Shun asks what he wants to play, he says tag and Shun does it. Will the Transformation process be able to access the new data pool? The plan fails and Klaus loses Sirenoid to the Apocalypse Dimension. Shun and Skyress play with her, and when they win, the girl begins another game, kicking the can.